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Okay now now I think I'm on alright yesterday we learned how to calculate regular earnings overtime earnings to go to tax tables to find federal income tax we learn how to calculate Social Security tax we learn how to calculate Medicare tax there are other deductions that could come out of an employee's paycheck other than that just those three federal taxes state taxes could come out if you're in a state that has a state income tax and I think all but seven states in the United States have a state income tax local taxes could come out we have local taxes here in Scott County there could be other types of deductions that come out such as your health insurance I have money come out for a 403b contribution you can make donations to charitable organizations that would be a paycheck so in order to keep track of all employees and what they have deducted from their pay a nice way to do that is through a form similar to this called a payroll register and in the payroll register you are able for each pay period to record in one place the the payroll and payroll deductions for each individual employee so we'll find them all in one place here in the payroll register so this is a convenient form to do our calculations for each of our employees so here in work together 12-3 textbook page 355 workbook page 311 we're going to do just a very small part of a payroll register and then you'll you'll learn how to use it and then we're also going to do what's called an employee earnings record on the next side on the back side of this but let's just this will help us review how to calculate payroll how to calculate taxes and it will also help us calculate net pay now net pay is what the employee actually gets to bring home remember I said that I tend to call instead of call this total earnings I call it what what's the term I said I tend to use gross pay or gross earnings and I don't know why that's just the way I learned it I guess that's the way I tended to like it maybe it's because I was a French teacher and I know that there were ghosts and print girl or gross and French grow as the masculine ghost is the feminine that clothes means big or fat and I like to think of it that way before taxes your pay was fat after taxes taxes it gets slimmed down quite a bit so you may hear me say gross pay and all I mean by that is total earnings all right now let's do some review here real quick about taxes though where will we get this column for where it asks for federal income tax where will we where will you need to go to find this information the tables right and those tables are found for you in your textbook on pages somebody got that for me right up top of your head 347 and 348 every item every other week so security tax how will we find this anybody remember how will we find the Social Security tax yeah we're going to take total earnings I'm going to abbreviate total earnings te times 6.2 percent what about the Medicare tax total earnings times one point four five...
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